AI Software Development

Experience the future of AI and machine learning innovation with robolaunch's dedicated GPU based development infrastructure. 

Build projects seamlessly with your team, prototype faster, and instantly code from anywhere on any device. Harness the power of 'containers' to run your code limitlessly, learn and experiment with new tools, and transition from idea to production in record time.

Explore cutting-edge tools and resources to craft, train, and deploy intelligent models that drive your projects forward.

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End to End Software Platform for AI Era

Dev-Focused Compute Scalability

In response to the evolving needs of developers, efficient resource to job allocation is critical. This feature empowers developers with access to scalable GPU resources, allowing them to fine-tune their computing capabilities to match the unique requirements of their projects. GPU sharing ensures that every developer receives the necessary resources, enhancing productivity and efficiency, and ultimately transforming the way development tasks are accomplished. 

Full-Stack Platform

A holistic solution that goes beyond an infrastructure. Equipped with leading AI/ML frameworks and tools, orchestrated with Kubernetes, and automated by Kubernetes Operators, it empowers modern enterprises. Elevate your engineering teams' capabilities and unleash their creative solutions with a comprehensive Full Stack Platform tailored to your needs.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Experience a new era of collaborative efficiency with robolaunch's Cloud IDE and VDI. Our platform empowers teams to seamlessly work within the same session, fostering efficient development and training of AI models. Break down silos, share insights, and accelerate your project's progress with enhanced collaboration capabilities that drive innovation and success.

Build Your AI/ML Model Faster!

Quick Onboarding

Say goodbye to lengthy setup times! Our end-to-end platform streamlines processes to ensure your team can get up and running in no time, accelerating the start of your AI initiatives.

Effortless Deployment

Seamlessly deploy AI models from a user-friendly platform. Simplified processes and tools ensure a smooth transition from development to production, saving you time and resources.

Faster ROI

Shift your focus to AI innovation instead of grappling with infrastructure complexities. Benefit from efficient resource allocation, error-free workloads, and minimized developer downtime.


Collaborate, Create and Deploy


Choose Your Deployment Path

We understand that every team has unique needs. That's why we offer flexible deployment options to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer the agility and scalability of the cloud or the dedicated control of on-premises infrastructure, our platform adapts to your requirements. Choose the deployment option that aligns perfectly with your team's goals and workflow.


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