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Elevate Stock Management: StockBot Navigates Every Aisle, Anywhere.

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Navigate. Scan. Control.

Experience the future of warehouse management with StockBot—an autonomous marvel ready for any warehouse, effortlessly navigating narrow aisles, scanning barcodes on all shelves, all powered by software-defined control for seamless operations and remote monitoring.

Compact Autonomy

  • Navigates in narrow spaces seamlessly.

  • Compact design suits various warehouse layouts.

  • Advanced sensors prevent collisions.

Barcode Scanning

  • Scanning payload reaches up to 6 meters.
  • Scans barcodes for instant inventory updates.
  • Ensures accuracy in challenging environments.

User Friendly Control

  • Centralized Control for streamlined management.
  • Real-time insights with Remote Monitoring.
  • Task allocation with dashboard controls.

50% Less Inventory Count Time

  • Reduces manual effort in inventory counting cycles.
  • Enhances overall operational efficiency.
  • Achieves a 50% reduction in counting time.

99% Accuracy in Inventory Counts

  • Ensures accurate data collection.
  • Achieves 99% accuracy through advanced barcode scanning.
  • Minimizes oversight risks.

Workplace Safety Enhancement

  • Reduces safety risks in task execution.
  • Contributes to a safer warehouse workplace.
  • Helps prevent accidents during stock counting.

End-to-End Digital Warehouse

Intelligent Navigation, Continuous Monitoring, and Seamless Assistance           

At its core, StockBot, equipped with obstacle avoidance, precise navigation, and a powerful barcode scanning payload, seamlessly collaborates with an on-premise server housing advanced features like multi-robot communication, a robust database, and machine learning capabilities. Complementing this, the central nervous system, our 'robolaunch,' takes charge with task assignment, real-time tracking, and remote operations. Together, this forms a unified, intelligent, and efficient solution for unparalleled stock management, ensuring optimal performance, adaptability, and security in every operation.

Industries We Serve.

The StockBot solution's versatility and advanced capabilities make it well-suited for various industries. Here are some industries where StockBot can be a valuable asset:       

Environmental monitoring robot in airport

Retail Warehousing

Environmental monitoring robot in shopping mall


Environmental monitoring robot in hospital


Environmental monitoring robot in shopping mall

Food and Beverage

ROS and Kubernetes native environmental monitoring robot


Achieve 99% count accuracy, minimize errors and reduce the likelihood of stockouts or overstock situations.

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