Inspection Robot

Introducing robolaunch's Autonomous Mobile Inspection Robot - the future of indoor inspections. Our cutting-edge technology allows the robot to move autonomously in various indoor locations, such as factories, while performing visual inspection and anomaly detection with precision and accuracy.

The robot can be teleoperated and monitored through robolaunch's Cloud Robotics Platform, providing you with a seamless inspection experience. Say goodbye to manual inspections and embrace the power of automation with robolaunch's Autonomous Mobile Inspection Robot.

Transform your inspection process and elevate your business to new heights with robolaunch's Inspection Robot

Why to choose?

Automated Vehicle Guidance

The robot's SLAM technology allows for autonomous navigation in indoor environments, making inspections more efficient and accurate.

Visual Inspection & Anomaly Detection 

 The robot is equipped with advanced visual inspection capabilities, including anomaly detection, to ensure thorough and accurate inspections.

Health Monitoring 

& Smart Alerts

The robot can be monitored continuously from robolaunch Platform's smart dashboards and any issue can be detected instantly.

Remote Teleoperation for Urgent Control

The robot can be teleoperated and through robolaunch's Cloud Robotics Platform, making it easy to control and monitor inspections remotely.

Task Management 

& Planning

The platform provides an easy-to-use task management system that allows you to assign tasks to your robot with ease.

Enhanced Accuracy 

& Inspection

 Automated inspections are less prone to human error, providing more accurate results. Reduce the risk of injury and improve overall safety.

Benefits and Advantages


We believe in the power of customization to truly unlock the full potential of our inspection robots. That's why we've designed this robot to be fully adaptable to any use case, with easy integration of a variety of sensors and modules. With unrestricted customization, you can equip your robot with the specific tools and technologies you need to achieve your desired outcomes. Whether you're looking for visual inspection capabilities, anomaly detection, or even security patrol, our robots are equipped to handle it all.


Our inspection robots are equipped with a built-in VPN connection, allowing for secure and reliable communication between the robot and the control center. This helps ensure that your data is protected and your robot can be monitored and controlled from anywhere, even in areas with limited network access.


Our inspection robots can be configured for security patrol or follow me modes, making them ideal for surveillance and security applications. With the ability to monitor large areas in real-time, our robots can detect potential security threats and respond accordingly, keeping your facilities safe and secure.

Technical Specifications

DIMENSIONS (L x W x H):800 x 1100 x 450 mm 
WEIGHT:40 kg 
PAYLOAD:50 kg 
MAXIMUM SPEED: 7.2 km/hr
INTERFACE:Analog and Digital Inputs&Outputs 
BATTERY:36V X 17,6A Lithium Ion
VOLTAGE SOURCES:36V / 12V / 5V Fused @ 5A each
COMMUNICATION:RS-232, USB, Ethernet, Wifi, 4G/5G
SENSORS: Temp, Range, Lidar, Stereo Camera, Thermal Camera
EMBEDDED:ESP32, STM32, Ardunio Mega, etc
FEEDBACK:Hall Sensor, Encoder
CONTROL MODES:Skid Steering, Mecanum
DRIVERS / APIs:ROS/2 Bridge, Kubernetes API
ONBOARD COMPUTER:Intel NUC / Cincoze Industrial PC, etc.
TELEOPERATION (optional):Bluetooth Joystick / RC Controller /  ROS Bridge 


Benefit from autonomous navigation, teleoperation, safety wear detection, thermal detection, follow mode, health monitoring, task management and much more features of Inspection Robot in multiple areas as follows:


Configure robolaunch Inspection Robot for autonomous occupational health and safety inspections in the manufacturing facilities to improve safety, increase efficiency, reduce costs and enhance data collection.


Deploy robolaunch Inspection Robot for inspection operations in Energy Plants. Monitor the robot, inspection reports and smart alerts from smart dashboards of robolaunch Platform. Examine possible dangerous situations remotely.

Oil & Gas

Leverage from robolaunch Inspection Robot for remote inspection operations in Oil&Gas facilities. Improve the visibility of possible risky situations in the plant with remote inspections in hazardous environments.

Public Safety

robolaunch's Inspection Robot also can use for Public Safety assurance. With autonomous remote operations, and smart monitoring options get rich data from public areas like airports to inspect possible dangers from afar.

Case Study

5G@EndTech pilot proved Arçelik, a Turkish mashinery manufacturer, that robolaunch Inspection Robot can help them increase their factory safety and efficiency.

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