Develop, deploy and manage ROS/2 based robots at cloud scale

robolaunch Cloud Robotics Platform.


robolaunch is a Cloud-Native Robotics Platform that provides the end-to-end infrastructure, software stack and tools for developing, simulating, deploying and orchestrating ROS/ROS2 robots at scale. The platform provides a complete and secure service that removes the entry barriers for those learning robotics and shortens the time-to-market for companies looking to orchestrate and automate their robots or fleet of robots.   

For Academy

Get immediate access to a set of tools for building robotics systems, which will enable you to develop intelligent robotics applications using robolaunch cloud services. Students, researchers, and educators can leverage from robolaunch capabilites with to accelerate robotics learning.

robolaunch simplifies the process of developing robotics applications by removing the overheads at every stage, from development to simulation to deployment. This makes it easier to create and deploy intelligent robotics applications.       

For Robotics Companies and Enterprise Organizations

You get a unified, off-the-shelf solution to deploy, manage and automate your robots. With this ability, you won't have to recreate basic functionality that all robotics companies require.

robolaunch is your complete solution for orchestrating robot fleets.

    • Cloud and Kubernetes Infrastructure
    • ARM64, X64 Architecture Support
    • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
    • Multi-Cluster Orchestration
    • Containerized Software Delivery
    • Network Management (L2/L3, Wifi, 5G)
    • Isolated Networks (Built-in VPN)
    • Hardware Acceleration (CPU, GPU, FPGA)
    • Multi-Distro Support (ROS, ROS2)
    • Virtual Desktop Environment
    • Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS)
    • Remote Software Updates
    • Visualization, Tele-operation
    • On-the-Fly Development

All operated through an interface (robolaunch Management Suite) that allows you to coordinate your operations at cloud scale.

robolaunch Building Blocks

robolaunch Kubernetes Infrastructure
robolaunch Kubernetes Operators
robolaunch Management Suite
robolaunch Kubernetes Infrastructure

robolaunch includes Kubernetes Infrastructures for central cloud, regional cloud and edge cloud each contains powerful components to ensure a reliable structure for robotics applications.

robolaunch Kubernetes Infrastructure can be deployed both cloud providers and on-premise.

robolaunch Kubernetes Operators

robolaunch Platform consists several software components (Kubernetes Operators) to package, deploy, and manage robotics applications on top of Kubernetes to provide a robust robotics platform. 

  • robolaunch Robot Operator - software that does decomposition, regional distribution, lifecycle management and configuration of ROS-based robots in cloud-only, cloud-powered or cloud-connected modes
  • robolaunch Fleet Operator - software that manages lifecycle and configuration of multiple robots and robot's connectivity layer that contains DDS Discovery Server and ROS Bridge Suite
  • robolaunch Connection Hub Operator - manages lifecycle of connection between robolaunch Cloud Instance and physical instances on the mission field.
robolaunch Management Suite

robolaunch Management Suite gives you the ability of performing all your robotics operations easily and effectively. Management Suite contains management console and components:

  • robolaunch Management Console - subcomponent of management suite that contains orchestrator and UI
    • robolaunch Orchestrator - backend that orchestrates platform operations using workflow engine
    • robolaunch UI -  frontend that enables performing platform capabilities via user interface
  • robolaunch Management Components - set of tools that complements Management Console
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Git-Driven Robot Orchestration

Easy Git based onboarding: Add your GitHub repository and robolaunch does the rest for you

ROS Node Decomposition

Decomposition of ROS nodes for running robots in cloud-powered mode (both on cloud & robot)

Development and Simulation Suite

Cloud development environment (Cloud IDE) and robolaunch VDI for accelerated simulations

Multi-Site Communication

Multi-location DDS communication, tracable DDS network traffic and shaping

Enhanced Data Insights and Visualization

Monitoring robot details such as performance, health, fault and etc. for full control

Flexible Deployment Options

Deployments can be done on the public cloud, on-premises, or on the edge.

Marketplace of Ready to Use Robot Templates

Marketplace of ready to use virtual robot templates to start working on instantly

Cloud-Scale Storage System

Provision, clone, package, backup/restore and encrypt all robotics assets

Task Planning and Management

Plan missions by assigning taks to your robots from easy to use dashboards

AI/ML Training and Tests

Thanks to the GPU accelerated  VDI infrastructure, train compute heavy algorithms with ease

Tele-operation and Remote Control

Take control of your robot remotely and tele-operate it where instant control is needed


robolaunch Cloud Robotics Platform removes entry barriers in robotics, reduces software development and hardware costs, and overheads of orchestrating your fleet of robots.

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