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Precision monitoring around the clock. Insightbot - your constant companion works tirelessly in optimizing environments so you don't have to.   

Environmental Monitoring

  • Sensors for temperature, air quality, humidity, light levels, and Wi-Fi coverage.

  • Cost-effective solution for large indoor areas.

  • Logs and uploads data to a central database at inspection points.


  • Advanced navigation with lidars and IR collision sensors for obstacle avoidance.
  • Scheduled patrolling of checkpoints.
  • Eliminates manual IEQ measurements, saving on labor costs and time.

Social Interaction and Information

  • Equipped with speaker, QR code reader, microphone, and touchscreen.
  • Engages with individuals during operations.
  • Provides location-specific and flight information for an enhanced user experience.


  • Fully autonomous operation with minimal maintenance.
  • Regular inspections for optimal performance.
  • Self-charging station ensures continuous operation without human intervention.


  • Compatible with WiFi, 4G, and 5G networks for seamless operator communication.
  • Prompt notification of unsafe conditions.
  • Real-time streaming with minimal latency for enhanced monitoring.

User Friendly Control

  • Precise remote control with live feedback and a user-friendly interface.
  • Task allocation with dashboard controls.
  • Gain live visibility and alerts for optimized robot performance.

End-to-End Indoor Environmental Monitoring

Intelligent Navigation, Continuous Monitoring, and Seamless Assistance           

Insightbot seamlessly navigates in indoor environments to provide people with real-time assistance and information. From enhancing security measures to monitoring environmental conditions, Insightbot emerges as a versatile companion, delivering a smarter, safer, and more efficient environment. With its touchscreen interface and continuous surveillance, Insightbot becomes an integral asset, contributing to an elevated experience and optimizing operations.

Tailored Use Case for Every Environment.

Experience continuous environmental monitoring excellence in indoor spaces such as airports, shopping malls, and hospitals with Insightbot, while engineers harness its power through a robust ROS and Kubernetes native R&D base to enhance the robot's capabilities. .   

Environmental monitoring robot in airport


Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring

Passenger Flow Analysis

Security Patrol Assistance

Customizable Information Delivery

Emergency Response Support

Environmental monitoring robot in shopping mall

Shopping Mall

Occupancy Monitoring

Dynamic Retailer Promotion Display

Customer Assistance & Wayfinding

Security Patrol and Surveillance

Environmental Comfort Monitoring

Environmental monitoring robot in hospital


Patient-Centric Wayfinding

Enhanced Security Measures

Environmental Compliance

Efficient Resource Management

Rapid Response Coordination

ROS and Kubernetes native environmental monitoring robot


Algorithm Development & Testing

SLAM Research

Data Driven Decision Making

ROS Stack Research

Cloud Powered Deployment

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